Best Weed Blogs in 2020

In the digital era, information can be spread with no limitations. A lot of people start sharing their thought with the help of blogs on the Internet. Mainly, each blog has a particular niche and gather a specific audience. In case you’re a hemp lover and looking for some great weed blogs, this post will be helpful for you.


It is an exciting blog about weed and women. Yes, they represent themselves as an association of women who love Cannabis. The main goal of this blog is to create a community that is interested in everything about weed. They publish engaging posts, life-stories, guides, just CBD reviews, and hemp recipes every day. Moreover, they supplement their publications with alluring images and memes.

Cannabis Culture

It is one of the most popular and fast-growing blogs about Cannabis on the Internet. In 2009, these guys turned their printed magazine into an online resource. Their website is easy to use. They publish from two to five posts a day that delivers that latest news in the industry.
Also, they have the PotTV that produces funny videos about marijuana and shows interviews with the latest news. Also, they take a closer look at the growing popularity of Cannabidiol-infused products. Therefore, you can easily find the Sunday Scaries CBD review surfing their blog. Today, their Facebook public page implies more than 2.7 million subscribers. That is impressive!

Cannabis Law Report

A team of experienced journalists and content creation specialists maintain this blog. It has the form of a feed with tiles. Therefore, you can browse it and find a post that engages you quickly. On this blog, you can find a lot of useful information about hemp and all the latest news in the weed industry. Also, they have an RSS feed and publish information about upcoming webinars.

Medical Marijuana 411

Do you want to learn more about Cannabis and how it affects the organism? If so, this blog is for you. It is one of the first online resources about Cannabis education. Their community implies a lot of physicians, researchers, chemicals, and doctors who create accreditated education courses about medical Cannabis. Visiting their blog, you will find a lot of posts about the latest regulations and researches about marijuana.


It is a simple and popular blog that has the form of a one-page feed. These guys publish full stories one-by-one. Therefore, you need to read them all or scroll down to find older stories.
Telling the truth, each live-story on this blog is fascinating. They supplement publications with real photos, videos, and funny pictures. Here, you can find Koi CBD gummies review, stories from real life, weed dishes recipes, and reviews on Cannabidiol-infused products.

Cannabis Blogs on the Internet

This selection does not limit the number of weed blogs that are worth your attention. However, these are the most trendy on the Internet. The reason for their popularity is the origin. Each blog delivers news in a particular format that engages both weed lovers and those who don’t use hemp at all.
In case you’re one of those who know nothing about Cannabis, consider making a deep dive into the industry by visiting this website - There, you can find a lot of information about Cannabidiol (CBD) products.

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